About Lorraine

Lorraine Smith Speech Therapy

Lorraine graduated from Birmingham City University with a 1st Class honours degree in Speech and Language Therapy. She is a highly professional, passionate and experienced therapist with clinical experience working with children and adults in a range of settings including community clinics, hospitals, schools and clients’ own homes.

Lorraine’s experiences include working with children with language delays, speech difficulties, autism, SLI (Specific Language Impairment) now DLD (Developmental Language Disorder), dysfluency and hearing impairment etc. She has extensive experience writing detailed reports which have been used to support EHCP applications and works closely with families and school SENCo’s/teachers to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child. Lorraine is also skilled in working with adults and the elderly, working with clients with aphasia following a stroke, traumatic brain injuries, progressive neurological conditions, dysarthria, voice disorders and dysfluency (stuttering/cluttering).

Lorraine is an extremely passionate, friendly and dedicated therapist who takes a holistic approach to supporting her clients needs. She is committed to providing evidence based interventions to ensure the best possible outcomes for her clients and their families.